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05.12.2009by: Jared Pacheco
TERMINATOR: SALVATION is set to hit theaters next thursday on May 21st. What else is there to say about this damn movie? I'm pretty sure we've said all we could... twice. Everything that's come out for this movie has made it look better and better, so why should clips be any different?!

They shouldn't! And we're here to show you that today with EIGHT new clips from TERMINATOR: SALVATION. Eight! That's a lot. That's like 8 minutes of the movie. If you're anticipating this thing as much as most people are then seeing 8 minutes worth of clips should have you stoked! You can go ahead and scroll down below to start checking those out! And below that I've left you all some Moon Bloodgood love. You're welcome.

Not much more to say on the matter. Check out the major clippage below and get ready for the Future to Begin on May 21st!

"Come With Me if You Want to Live"

"Come With Me to My Base"

"I Know He's Not the Enemy"

"I'm John Connor"

"I'm the Only Hope You Have"

"We Must Abort the Attack"

"What Are You Doing Here?"

"You Will Not Kill Me"

Extra Tidbit: So is TERMINATOR: SALVATION going to meet people's expectations?
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