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Looking to make a move? Rick Grimes' Walking Dead house is on the market!

07.05.2016by: Brennan Klein
The Walking Dead Rick Grimes house

Are you in the market for a morbid new home? Rick Grimes' house from the first season of The Walking Dead has just gone on the market, so you too can own a piece of the gut-filled pie.

The property, which is located on 817 Cherokee Avenue in Atlanta, Georgia, is a 2,156 square foot Victorian built in 1897, long before even the hardiest zombies were born. The realtor isn't shying away from the Walking Dead connection, either, including this cute nod in the home description: "Sheriff Rick slept here."

If you're tired of a home that hasn't been owned by a hardened Southern badass, check out the real estate listing RIGHT HERE!

Extra Tidbit: What famous horror homestead would you love to inhabit?
Source: iHorror



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