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Looks like a new Leprechaun is on the way, but is it the one we all know and love?

11.14.2011by: Jake Dee

Not that we need LEPRECHAUN to do a third tour of duty in the hood, but you never know...

One of IM Global's newest developments is a flick called LEPRECHAUN, which comes from writer Anthony Farrone and director Drew Daywalt. In the synopsis we have below, no mention of the lecherous Lilliputian we all know and love (okay, perhaps hate) is made, so I'm not sure if they're just trying to capitalize on the name or if this will be the return of Warwick Davis to the green makeup. Time will tell.

In the meantime, here's what we know about the flick:

Sixty-six years ago, the town of Irish Channel in Louisiana was the site of a horrible massacre on St. Patrick’s Day. Some blame a terrible storm that blew through the town, but those that were there don’t speak of the truth. Due to petty superstitions, St. Patrick’s Day festivities were banned for the last 66 years, but now, the new Mayor wants to tempt fate and celebrate.

Like I said, can't really make heads or tails there.  Seems like LEPRECHAUN is too popular a name to rehash entirely, so it'll be interesting to see how this shapes up.

Until we hear more, know LEPRECHAUN is currently in pre-production for a 2012 release.

Extra Tidbit: Jennifer Aniston (above) made her film debut in the original LEPRECHAUN.
Source: IM Global



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