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Lorne Michaels to produce horror/comedy Ghost Bros

06.06.2016by: Cody Hamman

Lorne Michaels

There's something about the NEIGHBORS films, which first had a young couple battling a frat that lived next door and then in the sequel battling a sorority that moved into the former frat house, that makes people think the concept should be mashed up with the horror genre. The NEIGHBORS makers did it themselves, promoting NEIGHBORS 2 with a faux TV spot for NEIGHBORS 3: ZOMBIES RISING that aired during Fear the Walking Dead.

Now Saturday Night Live creator Lorne Michaels is set to produce a horror/comedy that is described as being "in the same beer bong as NEIGHBORS". The project is called GHOST BROS and is being scripted by Josh Bycel and Jonathan Fener, a writing pair that has worked exclusively in television to this point, working on such shows as American Dad and Happy Endings.


set in the ’80s and centers on frat brothers that die in a fraternity house and end up staying around to haunt the house’s present-day residents.

So basically it's "NEIGHBORS with ghosts". That could be fun, and they're instantly appealing to me by setting it in the '80s.

GHOST BROS is set up at Paramount, with Alana Mayo and Gabby Canton overseeing for the studio. Sam Grey will executive produce for Michaels' company Broadway Video.

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