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Lost Boys 3 talk

08.04.2008by: Eric Walkuski

Not sure how many of you have taken the plunge and watched LOST BOYS: THE TRIBE, but I sure did, and I sure did regret it. Not only is it a lame excuse for a LOST BOYS movie, it's simply a lame excuse for a movie. The production values were good, I'll give it that, and there was some decent bloodletting, but I knew 10 minutes in that I was in for crap, and I was right (Quick question: is it STILL considered funny or badass for guys to call each other "bitch"?)

The flick must be making decent money in its first week of release, because apparently there's some preliminary talk about a LOST BOYS 3. SPOILER ALERT RE: LOST BOYS 2 At the end of THE TRIBE, Edgar Frog (Corey Feldman, fairly entertaining throughout) encounters Sam (Corey Ham) - who is now a vampire - in what seems like a throwaway scene but might actually be a set-up for the next chapter. Moviehole is also reporting that Jamison Newlander might return as Edgar's brother Alan. If you've seen the Alternate Endings on the DVD, you know that the flick was once going to end with Alan on his way to Luna Bay, now a "master" vampire. But that was an alternate ending, so who knows if it will actually be part of the new flick's plotline.

My guess is, if they DO make a third film, it will feature Feldman and another group of disposable unknowns (why even cast Kiefer Sutherland's brother if he's not going to be playing David's brother?) in another unimaginative tale. I couldn't care less. How about you?

Autumn Reeser made watching THE TRIBE somewhat bearable...

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