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Luc Besson producing thriller Blind Man for The Eye director

05.31.2011by: Eric Walkuski

Can a blind man be a brutal killer? Apparently so, as evidenced by a new take on the murder-mystery thriller being produced by Luc Besson called, fittingly, BLIND MAN. Perhaps even more fittingly, the flick will be helmed by Xavier Palud, co-director of the Jessica Alba remake THE EYE, which also focused, for a while at least, on a blind person.

Described as a "cat-and-mouse serial killer thriller" by Variety, BLIND MAN will star French thespian Jaccques Gamblin as a solitary cop investigating a cold case. He suspects that a blind man (THE MATRIX RELOADED's Lambert Wilson) is the killer, sparking a battle of wits.

Besson hatched the idea and will produce through his EuropaCorp shingle, which will hold international sales rights as well. The film goes into production early September in Paris.

Sounds like a good time to me, how about you?

Jessica Alba

Extra Tidbit: Xavier Palud also co-directed ILS (THEM), a splendid chiller.
Source: Variety



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