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Lucio Fulci's The House by the Cemetery coming to Blu-ray in September

06.07.2011by: Alex DiVincenzo

Blue Underground will release THE HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY on Blu-ray on September 27. Special features are unknown at this point, but it has been announced that the film will be presented in its uncut form (previously available on DVD through Anchor Bay). Check out the early cover art below.

The 1981 Italian film is directed by Lucio Fulci (ZOMBIE), who co-wrote the script with his THE BEYOND collaborators Giorgio Mariuzzo and Dardano Sacchett. Catriona MacColl (CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD), Paolo Malco (THE NEW YORK RIPPER) and Ania Pieroni (TENEBRE) star.

A young family moves from their cramped New York City apartment to a spacious new home in New England. But this is no ordinary house in the country: the previous owner was the deranged Dr. Freudstein, whose monstrous human experiments have left a legacy of bloody mayhem. Now, someone - or something - is alive in the basement, and home sweet home is about to become a horrific hell on earth.

Extra Tidbit: The film was inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft.
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