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Mac Carter's horror movie Haunt attracts Aussie actor Harrison Gilbertson

10.15.2012by: Jake Dee

Not sure how many of you are familiar with Mac Carter's upcoming horror movie HAUNT, I sure as hell am not very. Still, a key piece of casting has been made for the haunted house flick. Peep it...

Deadline has it that Aussie actor Harrison Gilbertson (VIRGINIA, seen right) has won the lead role in HAUNT.

In specific, Harrison Gilbertson’s Ethan character is an introverted teen that makes friends with his new neighbor. As the duo becomes romantically involved, they also begin to explore the haunted house Ethan’s family has unknowingly just moved into and discover a terrifying alternative dimension.

Andrew Barrer, of SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH (the movie) fame, wrote the script for HAUNT. QED International is financing and handling international sales.

More on HAUNT when it stirs.

Witchy Woman, MJH

Extra Tidbit: What ever happened to Melissa Joan Hart?
Source: Deadline



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