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Machete don't joke when Robert Rodriguez promises Machete Kills is happening!

09.09.2010by: Moises Hernandez

You'd knew it would it happen so don't look so surprised. For those of you who haven't yet shoved up the cash to see the mexploitative film I'm not going to put up a spoiler warning because you're going to practically see this on every media news site. Upon seeing the titles MACHETE KILLS and MACHETE KILLS AGAIN, it's hard not to point, laugh and wonder "yeah, I wish that could happen." 

Apparently wishing works. It worked when MACHETE first chopped it's way in between PLANET TERROR and DEATH PROOF as a faux trailer and now it's happening again.

Mr. SPY KIDS himself has declared that there will be another sequel to MACHETE and it will be titled MACHETE KILLS. No Lie. Read it from the man himself: "Machete don't joke", states Rodriguez. "It felt like it needed something when the music kicked in so I wrote those written trails into the ending just a few days before I finished editing the movie. We made the trailer to Machete not knowing that they'll be a movie afterwards and then people came after us and said where is the movie, so if people come after us and say where is Machete Kills Again then we'll know we'll need it."

So is he already on top of the project or will this take another three to four years? "I have a good trailer for that already," admits the director. "I already know the story of Machete Kills. I hope we get to do it, because I like the story a lot."

It's funny how much time was spent, after seeing this at a midnight showing and hitting up a taco joint soon after, talking about MACHETE KILLS and MACHETE KILLS AGAIN. It felt like good salsa to top of the perfect taco; not too much but just enough to tease and tantalize the senses. Now we won't have to shove it away as some "it'll never happen" dream that we all would kill to see come alive. It's happening and hopefully Rodriguez will be able to ring up his crew for another go at MACHETE KILLS. If this works well then MACHETE KILLS AGAIN won't be too much of a fantasy either.

If the shower scene didn't do it for you, here's some more Alba.

Extra Tidbit: Seriously though, who doubted this would happen?
Source: IGN



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