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Madeline Brewer to go through the looking glass in Netflix's Black Mirror

04.06.2016by: Brennan Klein
Black Mirror Madeline Brewer

Black Mirror, Netflix's revival of the British anthology series, is currently gearing up for production of the new 12-episode season at the company's UK studio.

The newest announcement from the front lines is that Orange is the New Black's Madeline Brewer has joined the cast as the female lead of an episode opposite Roots' Malachi Kirby. The episode will be directed by Belgian TV director Jakob Verbruggen (House of Cards, Code 37). Brewer has previously dabbled in Netflix horror, portraying Miranda Cates in Eli Roth's Hemlock Grove.

Other episodes announced in the anthology series include one directed by ATONEMENT's Joe Wright starring Bryce Dallas Howard and Alice Eve. You'll get more news as this show develops!


Madeline Brewer in Orange is the New Black

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