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Magic 1-sheet Man

04.27.2009by: Mike Catalano

Abracadabra! Care to witness a little magic? Well, will ya settle for the brand new one-sheet for the upcoming Houdini horror, MAGIC MAN? I hope so because that is precisely what we've got for you up top. As for my opinion, I'll say this: if you want an intriguing poster, it's tough to go wrong with a big ol' close-up of Billy Zane's bald head as he's aiming a spell-casting pointer out at ya. So kudos to the designers.

We showcased the trailer for MAGIC MAN just a couple of days ago (check it here) and it does look strangely appealing. Having a crazy cast that includes Zane, Armand Assante, Robert Davi, Andrew Divoff, Estelle Raskin, Christina Vidal, Richard Tyson, and Bai Ling certainly does help. I don't know. Check out the plot and judge for yourself:

In order to see magic idol Krell Darius perform his world-famous magic act, a beautiful aspiring young-magician, Tatiana, travels from New York to Las Vegas with her closest friends, BFFs, Elena and Vera. As the layers of illusion unfold, so too do the dark windows into Tatiana's past. The mystery finally leads to the decisive question: is the ultimate illusion magic, or murder?

The flick was directed by Stuart Cooper from a script by Brent Huff. We're still waiting for a release date to by conjured up.

Extra Tidbit: I heard that Bai Ling rocks in CRANK 2.
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