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Magic Man trailer!

04.23.2009by: Eric Walkuski

Boy, this is quite a cast. Billy Zane, Armand Assante, Robert Davi, Andrew Divoff, Bai Ling? No matter what the hell else this movie has to offer, it's got a bunch of familiar names that bring varying degrees of smiles to my face. Mostly Bai Ling though. No, wait - Billy Zane. Love the Zane. This actually isn't the first time he's played a freaky magician, there's a classic "Tales from the Crypt" with him and Martin Sheen where he just hams... that... shit... up. It's truly a thing of beauty. And in retrospect, his is the only watchable performance in TITANIC. So yeah, cinema needs more Zane, stat.

And here's MAGIC MAN, a silly looking trifle that might be a guilty pleasure waiting to happen. It stars Zane as "Krell Darius", a world famous magician who of course has dark secrets whose tricks are just too realistic - you know the drill. Watch the trailer and soak it all in. Unfortunately, as is all too often the case, there's no release date set for this slice of delight. But you just know we'll give you the heads-up when we find out, right?

Bai Ling in her finest evening wear.

Extra Tidbit: Director Stewart Cooper made the films "Out of Annie's Past" and "Rubdown". Shockingly, they're not porn.
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