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Magnolia does Timecrimes

10.27.2007by: Jared Pacheco

Do you want to travel back in time? Of course you do. Whether it's to go back and take that test over again, to NOT bang the ugly chick who you think is friends with the hot chick but really isn't, or just to go back and spy on yourself, throwing a rock at yourself whenever your about to make a stupid decision.

Well although modern science might one day make this possible, (I wish...I mean that chick was UGLY) the news I'm bringing you today does indeed involve time travel. Magnolia Pictures have picked up the rights to TIMECRIMES, a Spanish sci-fi/thriller written and directed by Nacho Vigalondo.

The synopsis is: A man accidentally gets into a time machine and travels back in time nearly an hour. Finding himself will be the first of a series of disasters of unforeseeable consequences. As I stated, it was written and directed by Nacho Vigalondo, who also stars in the film alongside Karra Elejaide, Candela Fernández, Bárbara Goenaga, and Juan Inciarte.

Vigalondo had the following to say: "Working with Magnolia on TIMECRIMES is a dream come true. Knowing that my film is going to be shown in USA is something I can't describe." While Magnolia president Eamonn Bowles had this to say: "TIMECRIMES is an incredibly fresh, brilliantly cinematic take on the time travel concept. Nacho is a serious talent and we're excited to be involved with him at the start of what promises to be a great career."

TIMECRIMES recently won the 'Best Feature' award at this years Fantastic Fest. Apparently it was also a big hit at Sitges and has been described as "clever, mind-bending, entertaining, a crowd pleaser, wickedly funny, a jigsaw puzzle of a film, and along the lines of the sci-fi stories by Philip K. Dick and Stanislaw Lem." The film will be screening at AFM and will see a theatrical release sometime in 2008. Above you can find an international poster and below you can find a couple stills from the flick. We'll keep you updated with any other news on TIMECRIMES.



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