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11.04.2009by: Ammon Gilbert

We got a heads up from the Deagol Brothers this morning regarding an upcoming screening for their latest dip into horror with the sleaze-filled zombie flick MAKE-OUT WITH VIOLENCE. Wait, what's this zombie flick I'm speaking of? Starring Eric Lehning, Cody DeVos, and Leah High, MAKE-OUT WITH VIOLENCE goes a bit like this:

It tells the story of twin brothers Patrick and Carol Darling, newly graduated from high school and struggling to come to terms with the mysterious disappearance of their friend, the bright and beautiful Wendy Hearst. When a drive through the countryside surrounding their suburban community leads to the discovery of Wendy's mysteriously animated corpse, the boys secretly transport the un-dead Wendy to an empty house in hopes of somehow bringing her back to life. As the sweltering summer pushes on, they must maintain the appearance of normalcy for their friends and family as they search for ways to revive the Wendy they once knew, or, failing that, to satisfy their own quests for love amongst the living and the dead.

Ah, a zombie love story. Gotta love it. And now you can check it out for free if you live in the Los Angeles area. That's right, MAKE-OUT WITH VIOLENCE will be screening at the Regal (Edwards) Atlantic Palace on Thursday, November 12th at 7pm. Which Regal? The one in Alhambra, California, just outside of Los Angeles. It may be a drive for you L.A.ers, but hey--it's a FREE screening, so why the hell not, right?

For more information on the film and the screening, check out their OFFICIAL SITE for all the juicy details. If you end up going, drop us a line and let us know what you thought! Sounds cool enough, that's for sure!

The details of the screening again are...

Regal (Edwards) Atlantic Palace 10
W. Main Street
Alhambra, CA 91801
November 12, 2009

Extra Tidbit: MAKE-OUT WITH VIOLENCE has been the Official Selection of numerous festivals including the 2009 SXSW FF and Winner of both the Atlanta and Nashville Film Festival's Best Picture Awards.
Source: AITH



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