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Malaysian horror flick Flat 3A scores itself a gore-filled trailer

06.17.2011by: Jared Pacheco
One of the gems of this industry is the crop of genre flicks that come our way internationally. I'm sure you're all aware of the dipping horror product here in the US (though they have been a lot better lately..), so it's no surprise that many of us look outside of our country for good horror fare. So when news comes strolling along about a Malaysian horror flick that's just oozing with potential, well then I can't help but tell you about it!

I'm talking about a flick called FLAT 3A, which is coming at us from director Azhari Mohd Zain. So what's the deal with FLAT 3A? Unfortunately all we have for you today is a poster, trailer and synopsis... but shouldn't that be enough? Especially when said trailer is as twisted as this one seems to be! Don't take my word for it though, check that shite out directly below or over in our videos section.

Flat 3A chronicles the frightening experience that Fikah and her boyfriend Anas experience, after Fikah moves to a new home. Parallel to that, Wahyu is tracking his missing relative, Fatin, and he is beginning to close in on the terrible mystery that surrounds the haunted flatů.3A.

FLAT 3A stars Intan Ladyana and Ery Zukhairi. It's set to hit Malaysian theaters starting July 14th. Hopefully a US release isn't too far behind. As always as soon as we hear more regarding the project you can bet we'll pass the good word along to all of you.

FLAT 3A (2011) - Trailer
Extra Tidbit: Whenever I think Malaysia the only thing that comes to mind is the Malaysian Prime Minister from ZOOLANDER.



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