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Man in Mortician 3D

10.30.2009by: Ammon Gilbert
First it was your everyday user, then your everyday blogger, then your everyday celebrity, and now... your everyday magazine. What am I talking about? The use of Twitter, that's what! Production Weekly is also jumping on board the Twitter train and slapping up updates left and right.

Yesterday PW Tweeted Method Man will star in Gareth Maxwell Roberts' "The Mortician 3D" a gritty gangster film currently in pre-production in Louisiana. Sounds like it could be... interesting, to say the least. The flick has a great title, but Method Man? Something just doesn't feel right...

THE MORTICIAN 3D goes a bit like this: The Mortician is a redemption tale where kindness triumphs over cruelty and falls within the genres of urban noir, contemporary fairytale and psychological thriller. The film is set in the nightmare ghetto of a decaying metropolis and is based around about one man’s struggle through the violence and corruption of a dying city. The Mortician processes corpses with a steely regard and as a borderline autistic, he is alienated. Through his emotionless and unsympathetic actions he spreads his coldness to all he encounters. The Mortician’s attention is pricked by the tattoo of Botticelli’s ‘Birth of Venus’ on the body of a murdered young woman, Jenny. A fleeting recognition triggers a sequence of haunting dreams from his childhood. He discovers a scared child, Kane, fleeing the morgue. The danger that confronts them forces the Mortician to awake from his icy state as he is compelled to forge real emotional links with both the living and the dead.

Haunting dreams of the dead? A cold-hearted mortician? There could be something here that's simply more than just a gritty gangster flick. There has to be for them to go to all the effort in making this sucker 3D. I simple gangster flick wouldn't warrent the 3D treatment, but one with elements of horror? I say bring it on!

Oh wait, then again there's Method Man to consider. I guess I don't have anything against the dude, he does what he does and I suppose he's ok at doing it. Maybe it's the fact that he goes by Method Man that makes it so I can't take the guy seriously.

Stick around for more updates on THE MORTICIAN 3D as we hear it, and be sure to follow PW's Twitter page HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Method Man rocked the role of the Sheriff in the underrated slasher flick VENOM.
Source: PW Twitter



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