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Mandy Lane delayed

07.13.2007by: Omar Hussain

It’s not often that the title of a film fully describes the plot, but in the case of the producers were just a few words off. Maybe if the title was ALL THE BOYS LOVE AND WANT TO F*CK MANDY LANE A LOT…EVEN IF IT MEANS KILLING A LOT OF PEOPLE, the plot would fully be explained. Anyways, making fun of movie titles aside, it looks like will be delayed. I guess this is good news for the film, who wasn’t getting much of a commercial push heading towards it’s release, but it’s bad news for me, since I wanted to stare at Amber Heard for a couple of hours.

Originally the film was supposed to come out on July 20th, but now the film has been moved to an undetermined date. But to help ease your Mandy Lane craving, read the Arrow’s review of the film.

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