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Manfrandini chokes

11.16.2004by: Ammon Gilbert
I LOVE the FRIDAY THE 13TH series, and all compenants of it: Jason slicing and dicing, teenage hotties having sex and meeting their death, and the music.

Harry Manfrandini created something spectacular with just 6 notes: Chi-chi-chi-Cha-cha-cha. His new project, CHOKER, writen and directed by Nick Vallenlonga (DEADFALL) and starring Paul Sloan (THE SCORPION KING), Colleen Porch (STGARSHIP TROOPERS 2) and Hayley DuMond (RAPTOR ISLAND), is about a serial killer who's let loose to hunt down and kill alien beings that can only survive by inhabiting human bodies a la INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS.

I've always enjoyed alien invasion movies (THEY LIVE- one of the coolest movies ever), and with Manfrandini at the composer's helm, this is sounding pretty good. Not to mention the cast of hotties that you can check out HERE from their official webiste. All and all it looks interesting, and what might be the coolest thing about this project- it only took 12 days to shoot! Once it picks up a distributer, it will fun to see just how well they pulled it off. Visit the official site HERE for more information.

Thanks to James Quattrochi for the heads up!



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