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07.30.2009by: Mike Catalano
What horror fanatic doesn't love a hot chick and lots of crazy blood? Well, that is probably why we're getting SCULPTURE, a flick I first told you guys about ages ago! It stars super genre hotties Raine Brown as well as Misty Mundae. Honestly, you really can't go wrong with the kind of plot they're both involved in. And thankfully, we have ourselves a whole slew of brand new pics from the flick for your viewing pleasure below. Before getting it on with the images, check out what the plot is all about:

Ashley Steele (Raine Brown) is an aspiring artist who returns home after the death of her parents (Marv Blauvelt and Susan Adriensen) only to find her possessive rich older brother, Adam (Dustin Kerns), and the haunting memories of her repressed past await her. Her childhood friend, Emily (Misty Mundae) tries to free her from the grasp of her egotistical brother. Meanwhile she is commissioned by a well known art dealer (Alan Rowe Kelly) to create a life-size sculpture of “the perfect man”. Ashley decides to use body builders from her brother’s gym as models. Before long she finds herself spiraling down a path of unspeakable psychopathic terror and murder as she frantically tries to complete her masterpiece.

Sound like fun? You bet your ass! And the pics below only confirm this! SCULPTURE was produced and directed by Pete Jacelone from a script by Paul Quintero and Trevor Wright. For more info, you can check out its official website here. I wish I could tell you when this flick will be releasing, but as of now, I do not have that info.

Extra Tidbit: Who would you pick: Raine or Misty?
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