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Marcus Nispel creating comic book and potential film vehicle The Chosen

08.19.2011by: Eric Walkuski

Director Marcus Nispel is looking to branch out and halt the remakes for a while (after THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, FRIDAY THE 13TH and CONAN THE BARBARIAN) with THE CHOSEN, a story he conjured up himself. According to, the German director has come up with a treatment for a mystical action-adventure that will be turned into a three-issue comic series and, potentially, a feature film - which he of course would direct.

The unusual plot involves a Detroit kid who seems an unlikely candidate but who is the latest incarnate of an Eastern spiritual master whose tradition goes back generations. The teen's awakening to these awesome powers that have been refined over a century's worth of incarnations, begin to manifest themselves and take him on a journey from the Detroit streets to the underground gangland of Mumbai.

Nispel spilled this: "I like movies that turn into graphic novels and graphic novels that turn into movies. Everything I direct starts with illustrations, and the pictures tell the story."

Liquid Comics will release the series in February. One of its co-founders, Gotham Chopra, had this to say: "Marcus' vision of a muscled up Kung Fu has been something I've loved since the moment he first told me the story. The Master-Apprentice narrative from King Arthur to John Connor is a formula that works and with Marcus onboard something wildly creative is emerging."

We'll let you know if more develops on the film front.


Extra Tidbit: What's your favorite flick of Nispel's thus far?



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