Margaret Qualley to pick up a pen in Adam Wingard's Death Note

I don't think we're in Missouri anymore. Adam Wingard's upcoming film DEATH NOTE is a massive jump into mainstream filmmaking from his mumblecore beginnings to his low budget but thrilling YOU'RE NEXT and THE GUEST.

What really cements in this realization is the newest casting decision. Starring across from veritable teen magnet Nat Wolff will be Margaret Qualley of The Leftovers. Qualley, the daughter of Andie MacDowell, is yet another recognizable teen face, making this cast a far cry from the indie horror icons Wingard has worked with before.

Qualley's character hasn't been officially announced, but she will most likely play Misa Amane, a pop star with a crush on Wolff's Light.

DEATH NOTE follows a student who discovers a mysterious notebook that kills whomever’s name is written in it. When the student meets the notebook’s previous owner, a demon bent on ridding the world of anyone it deems evil or useless, he ends up tracked by an Interpol officer investigating the unexplainable deaths of several criminals.

DEATH NOTE will begin shooting this Spring with a script by Jeremy Slater (THE LAZARUS EFFECT).

Extra Tidbit: Do you have any familiarity with the DEATH NOTE property?
Source: Deadline



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