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06.03.2008by: The Arrow

While I was in CANNES, the horror flick I kept hearing about from everybody and their uncle's mistresses was Pascal Laugier's MARTYRS. Martyrs this, the ending is killer, the film is so extreme and perverse, Martyrs that! Sadly my lowly Press Pass didn't get me into any of the market screenings for the film, hence I didn't get to see it.

With that spat, here's a little taste of MARTYRS for ya via a video slide show of stills from the film (no trailer available yet), some Posters, the very LONG official synopsis and a couple of pics. MARTYRS stars MYLÈNE JAMPANOÏ and MORJANA ALAOUI. You can get more juice on the flick at its OFFICIAL SITE HERE. Is it me or are the French hitting the bull's-eye when it comes to genre fare now of late? KEEP EM COMING LES AMIS! If only Holly-remake would follow in their footsteps...if only...

See a slide show of MARTYRS pics here!

SYNOPSIS: France. A night at the beginning of the 1970s. Lucie, a little girl missing for over a year, is discovered wandering by the side of a country road. Near catatonic, she can say nothing about what has happened to her. The cops quickly find the place in which she's been incarcerated - a disused slaughterhouse. Every indication is that she never once left the empty, freezing room in which she was imprisoned.

Filthy, starving, dehydrated, the child's body nonetheless bears no traces of sexual abuse - this was no pedophile abduction, but something far stranger.What happened in that icy room? And how did Lucie escape? Lucie is hospitalized - slowly she learns how to live again, an enfant sauvage gradually returning to the real world. In the hospital, she meets Anna, another little girl, and a victim of terrible abuse at the hands of her family. In no time, they are inseparable. Anna takes charge of Lucie, like a mother. As for her kidnappers, the police are at a dead end. Lucie's ordeal remains a terrible mystery.

One night, as Anna sleeps, Lucie hears an awful, rasping breathing. A vision appears: a body, naked, skeletal, tortured. Barely human. The apparition seizes her...15 years later. A house, isolated in the middle of a forest. A family: Mum, Dad, two kids. A happy home. As they eat breakfast, there's a knock at the door. The father opens it to find a young woman, hollow-eyed and wraithlike and mad. In her hands, a rifle. "Remember the little girl I once was?" She shoots him where he stands, enters the house, and locks the door...Minutes later, the family lie bloody. All dead. Lucie calls Anna, who tells her not to move, she'll be right there. In shock, Lucie hangs up. And then she hears it. That terrible, terribly familiar breathing...


Source: AITH



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