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Matt Reeves getting back into the vampire business with The Passage

04.18.2011by: Eric Walkuski

Matt Reeves' LET ME IN was one of the better films from last year, in this humble author's opinion. Viewed as either a remake, an adaptation or just a straight-up horror tale with heart, it was a success. It also made vampires interesting again, which sure was pleasant to experience. Now, even though he's just signed to adapt 8 O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING, Reeves seemingly wants to cozy up to the bloodsuckers again; Deadline.com reports that he's signed on to direct THE PASSAGE, based on the book by Justin Cronin.

In The Passage, a group of terminally ill cancer patients get healthy after being subjected to the bites of bats in South America. Naturally, the government see this as a cure for the disease and starts experimenting. They end up with a legion of nearly indestructible, telepathic vampire masters that begin infecting the populace.

John Logan (SWEENEY TODD) wrote the screenplay, but Reeves is supervising a rewrite. It's unclear whether or not this will move forward before 8 O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING, but Deadline seems to think THE PASSAGE has a better shot because the screenplay is more fully developed. (As they put it, Logan put a lot of time into it.) 20th Century Fox and Scott Free will produce. Anybody out there ever read this thing?

Extra Tidbit: Fox evidently payed $3 million for the book back in 2007. Said book is almost 800 pages long...
Source: Deadline.com



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