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Ed Harris, Matthew Fox set to join zombie epic World War Z?

06.14.2011by: Eric Walkuski

As we told you yesterday, WORLD WAR Z is in the process of seriously gearing up for its summer production in Europe. With filming scheduled to occur in various locations, including Malta and Scotland, in a month or so, casting is really starting to heat up. A couple more names have been thrown into the mix; fairly big ones at that.

Bloody Disgusting and are breaking the news that Matthew Fox, best known for his teary-eyed Dr. Jack Shepard on "Lost", is in negotiations to board the Marc Forster-directed project. Fox will reportedly be playing the role of "Parajumper", presumably one of the interview subjects approached by the lead character (Pitt) as he documents the events that led to a global epidemic of zombies.

Meanwhile, Deadline also claims that Ed Harris in in talks to join the film, as well as French actress Julia Levy-Boeken. Both roles are unspecified.

Alongside Pitt and (maybe) Harris and Fox, WORLD WAR Z stars Mireille Enos and James Badge Dale. It has no release date yet. We'll be keeping an eye on this one's development the whole way through, though, so you won't miss a bit of WWZ news!

Matthew Fox's former co-star Evangeline Lilly

Extra Tidbit: Do you miss "Lost"?



Spitting Bullets
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10:16AM on 06/15/2011
I miss LOST and Evangeline Lilly. However, it is good to see Matthew Fox get work.
I miss LOST and Evangeline Lilly. However, it is good to see Matthew Fox get work.
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