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Max Brooks' zombie epic Extinction Parade headed to TV

04.23.2014by: Eric Walkuski

Max Brooks has still got the zombie bug, and this time he's spreading it to television. The WORLD WAR Z and "Zombie Survival Guide" author's latest, the graphic novel EXTINCTION PARADE, is heading to the boob tube courtesy of Legendary Entertainment.


Vampires have always been the elite of the undead. These apex predators have never feared foe or lack of food…until now. By remaining too out of touch with the modern world they have failed to notice the subdead zombie race turning the tide over the human population. Now, perhaps too late, the vampires must stop the encroaching shambling dead or find themselves starved out of existence.

That's right, son. Zombies vs. vampires. We've hit the motherload.

Here is Brooks' statement on the matter:

I only brought the idea to one company, Legendary, because they do the kind of quality work of which any writer would be proud. While the comic series from Avatar continues, I am thrilled to be working with Legendary to develop Extinction Parade into an innovative new series for television."

Could be a while before we actually see EXTINCTION PARADE on the small screen, but rest assured: there will indeed be more undead shambling into your home soon!

Extra Tidbit: Are you excited about EXTINCTION PARADE?
Source: Bleeding Cool



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