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Maya Entertainment set to drop thriller Playing House on DVD this month!

06.09.2011by: Jared Pacheco
Let me ask you guys a question: Do you remember playing house as a kid? Well if you did I bet it's nothing like this one!

Word today from Maya Entertainment has their thriller PLAYING HOUSE finally set to hit DVD later this month. Considering this flick was a product of 2010 I'd say it's about time. So when might this little diddy be planning on hitting DVD shelves? June 21st, that's when! Hell that's only a couple weeks away. Natch!

In order to afford their dream house, newlyweds Jen and Mitch McKenzie ask their best friend Danny to move in with them. The plan works beautifully until Danny brings home Blair, a stunning temptress who decides she likes what the young couple has and never wants to leave. The seductive stranger turns the friends against each other and exploits unspoken desires to achieve her own unique version of the American Dream.

Intriguing enough. I can dig it. Coming from director Tom Vaughan, PLAYING HOUSE stars Sarah Prikryl, Craig Welzbacher, Mayra Leal and Matt Lusk. Maya Entertainment are even giving away a date with the flick's star Mayra Leal! Just head on over to Maya Entertainment's official Facebook page for the scoop on how to enter. You know you want to.

So mark it on your calender folks - June 21st! Hey if my house had a chick that looked like Mayra Leal living in it I'd never want to leave!

PLAYING HOUSE (2010) - Trailer

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Extra Tidbit: Mayra Leal (above) can last be seen in Robert Rodriguez's MACHETE.
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