McG's The Babysitter adds Hana Mae Lee and Bella Thorne

As the fall production start date for director McG's "coming of age horror story" THE BABYSITTER nears, roles are being cast left and right.

We knew that Samara Weaving had been set to play the titular babysitter, with Judah Lewis as the 12-year-old she's watching over. A few days ago, Robbie Amell joined the cast, and just last night we learned that Andrew "KingBach" Bachelor would be taking part as well.

Now comes word that two more actresses have signed on: Hana Mae Lee (pictured above) and Bella Thorne (below). No details were revealed about their characters, but I assume they are members of the babysitter's social circle... and potential victims of whatever sort of horror is going on here.

Exactly what the horror element is in the film is being kept under wraps, all we know is that the script, written by Brian Duffield, 

follows a young boy and his babysitter on a night where things go very wrong, with the boy learning a few lessons about life, love and murder along the way.

Hana Mae Lee is best known for being in both PITCH PERFECTs, and will be seen in the upcoming JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS movie. Former Disney Channel star Bella Thorne is no stranger to the horror genre, having appeared on MTV's Scream: The Series. She also stars in AMITYVILLE: THE AWAKENING, which is waiting on a shelf at Dimension Films.

THE BABYSITTER is coming to us from New Line Cinema, but a release date has yet to be announced.

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