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McLovin Kicks-Ass

08.15.2008by: Jared Pacheco

Way back in March I told you all how Matthew Vaughn was set to direct an adaptation of Mark Millar and John Romita Jr.'s graphic novel KICK-ASS. All we knew then was that KICK-ASS was indeed being made into a film, Vaughn was directing and the STARDUST duo of Vaughn and Jane Goldman would be penning the script.

Today we have a couple names joining the KICK-ASS cast courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter. Signing on already would be Chloe Moretz while Christopher Mintz-Plasse is in talks. Now I'm sure most would recognize Mintz-Plasse (above left) as the ever popular McLovin from SUPERBAD. Mintz-Plasse hasn't done anything since SUPERBAD aside from the upcoming ROLE MODELS, so it's really interesting to see him potentially stepping into a hard hitting genre flick.

And when I say hard hitting, I mean hard hitting. Apparently studio after studio have passed on KICK-ASS due to it's violent nature. Is it just me that gets excited when hearing something like that? Vaughn had to raise $30 million himself and will be tackling the movie as an indie project. Apparently various studios wanted Vaughn to tone down the violence and up the ages of the protagonists. He refused and has thus put KICK-ASS on my 'most anticipated' list.

The graphic novel follows a high school dweeb who attempts to reinvent himself as a real-world costumed superhero named Kick-Ass who seems doomed to failure because he's not athletic or coordinated until he runs into real bad guys with real weapons. Mintz-Plasse will not be playing the lead role. I know. I figured he'd be a lock for this lead! But no, instead he's in talks to play 'the Red Mist, the angry teen son of a mobster who tries to find and uncover Kick-Ass' identity.' Moretz will play 'a ferocious, potty-mouthed 11-year-old who chops down crime thugs with a ninja sword.' Sounds like my kind of movie!

Marv Films' Vaughn and Kris Thykier are producing with a fall start date scheduled. Apparently Vaughn is currently out courting some big name actors to play parents and mobsters. Nice. we'll keep you updated once we hear any more on KICK-ASS.


Source: THR



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