Meagan Good set to star in NBC zombie pilot Babylon Fields

Looks like the trend of zombies overrunning TV isn't ending anytime soon...

Back in October we let you know that NBC was moving forward with "Babylon Fields", a new zombie series from the brothers Cuesta (Michael and Gerald) and Michael Atkinson. Well folks, if Meagan Good isn't fine enough to make you tune in, I don't know who is.

Deadline has it that Good (pictured) will play Janine Beltran, a beautiful local doctor with an edge to her in the pilot episode of the series, which is ultimately about a town’s residents coming back from the dead. Word is the project has been sitting on the shelf for the last 7 years, at one time set up at CBS.

Thing is, as popular as the zombie craze has been the last few years (thanks to "The Walking Dead"), major network horror shows rarely work. I realize the trend has somewhat been bucked by shows like "The Following" and "Hannibal", but zombies? Could be a tough thing to pull off. What do you think? You willing to give "Babylon Fields" a day in court?

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Source: Deadline



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