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Mears a Predator?

05.13.2009by: The Arrow

We don't report on rumors often here on AITH, but this one we felt "good enough" about to put it out there. If we're wrong,, you all get al hour with my gf of the month. While our boy JIMMYO was attending the DRAG ME TO HELL red carpet, a "reliable somebody" slyly hinted our way that DEREK "JASON VOORHEES" MEARS could be playing a PREDATOR in the Robert Rodriguez produced reboot/sequel PREDATORS.

Of course after getting that feeler tossed his way, once The Stache saw Mears he said: I bet you're going to be great in Predators in the hopes of getting the juice out of him. But Mears simply answered a yeah it would be awesome type of response. So nothing got confirmed but we got a feeling about this one. So there you have it! AGAIN, this is SOLELY a RUMOR. So take it with a grain of coke. PREDATORS is slated for a July 7, 2010 release. Either way Mears would be great in it! BRING IT! I'm stoked!

Es tu Predator?

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