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Mentryville, formerly known as Spores, casts up and shoots soon

08.15.2011by: Eric Walkuski

A few months ago we tuned you in to a deadly virus-based thriller called SPORES, set to be directed by Jason R. Dudek and produced by StudioLine Entertainment. We haven't heard much on it since, but an announcement in today's Variety informs us that the project is now going by the title MENTRYVILLE. In addition, it has rounded up a cast, including a few notable names.

Danny Glover, Taylor Handley (THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE: THE BEGINNING), Beverly Mitchell (SAW II), Margo Harshmann (SORORITY ROW), Tiffany Hines, Ryan Pinkston, Leebo Freeman, Fiona Hale and C.S. Lee are all in the cast. IMDb claims that Vinnie Jones is in the mix as well, but we can't ever trust them to be 100% accurate.

The story of MENTRYVILLE revolves around a remote pharmaceutical lab where an infected test subject violently murders research scientists working on the vaccine for a lethal spore-born virus; those infected transform into psychotic killing machines.

Shooting begins later this month in L.A.

Beverley Mitchell

Extra Tidbit: Perhaps this one changed its title because of that other flick called SPORES.
Source: Variety



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