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Metal, Sex & Gore combine in new genre flick After Party Massacre!

09.21.2011by: Jared Pacheco
Once and a while an indie flick floats our way that we just can't pass up telling you all about. Today that indie flick is a little something called AFTER PARTY MASSACRE.

Now after-parties are usually fun affairs, right? After a long night of drinking and partying with friends the bars unfortunately must close... but perhaps you're not ready to end the night? That's where the glorious after-party comes in. Usually after-parties are a blast, filled with drinks, friends and everything you need to have a good time. And sometimes they go horribly, horribly wrong...

That's the case with AFTER PARTY MASSACRE. What sold us schmucks on this little diddy was the rundown. Let's check that shite out before we get any further:

The After Party Massacre centers around a mysterious female fan, Scarlett, who attends a live performance by the metal bands Incantation and Soulless. At this show, Scarlett found herself thrown into the dark depths of torture and depravity showing what happens when you push, an already damaged mind, too far.

During this show, Scarlett encounters a forcibly rough fan that had followed her into an empty corner of the venue. During this altercation she has flashbacks of a dark past and it transforms her into a bloodthirsty killer on a mission to kill her attacker plus anyone and everyone else in her way (friend, fan and foe alike) until only a pile of bodies is left within this bloody massacre.

With Scarlett being as patient and calculating as she is torturous and demented, her killing spree is a precise and bloody massacre to witness.

Filled with sex, metal and an unpredictable killer who uses an arsenal of axes, sex toys, box cutters and power saws as her tools of torture and dismemberment - the After Party Massacre is a huge blood filled splatterfest that is too brutal to miss!

Sold yet? Of course you are! AFTER PARTY MASSACRE has been rumbling around for a couple years it seems and has finally reached the end of the tunnel with a DVD release slated for October 1st. To help celebrate this occasion we've got a look at the trailer for the flick over in our videos section. I've done you guys a solid and tossed that very trailer down below so you won't have to go clicking around. So scroll on down and enjoy!

Coming from directors Kristoff and Kyle Severn, AFTER PARTY MASSACRE stars Scarlett Von Sinn, Pretty Poison and Danica Satanica. If you want to know more about this one, and let's face it.. you do, just pop on over to the flick's official website!


Extra Tidbit: What's the craziest after party you've ever been to?
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