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MGM taps award winning playwright David Lindsay-Abaire to pen Poltergeist remake

06.07.2011by: Jake Dee

A few months ago, after MGM returned from bankruptcy and revamped its entire development slate, word came about that a remake of Tobe Hooper's 1982 POLTERGEIST was a high priority for the studio. Well, looks like the company has set its sights on a scribe...

Per a Vulture article, Pultizer Prize winning playwright David Lindsay-Abaire, who has transitioned into feature screenwriting (RABBIT HOLE, OZ: THE GREAT AND POWERFUL), is being courted to pen the POLTERGEIST remake. Question is, will he accept the gig?

We're not sure. First off, no deal has been made, and with Lindsay-Abaire recently finishing his limited Broadway run of GOOD PEOPLE, a play that is nominated for a Tony along with star Frances McDormand, he may want a little down time. Of course, prestigious Broadway playwrights don't often transition into venal Hollywood remakes (genre remakes at that). Still, given what MGM was able to do with STAR TREK, maybe Lindsay-Abaire will recognize the potential and take the offer.  We shall see.

For MGM, it makes sense that POLTERGEIST is a high priority. Given the wild success of cheaply made suburban fright flicks like PARANORMAL ACTIVITY and INSIDIOUS (the highest grosser of 2011), there's very little risk to making these kinds of films. And while I personally detest the notion of remaking yet another horror classic, if it has to be done, at least MGM is targeting top-flight talent. A Pulitzer prize winner writing POLTERGEIST? We should all be so lucky!

What says you? Are you familiar with Lindsay-Abaire's work? If so, how do you think he'd do brining a new version of POLTEREIST to the big screen?

Extra Tidbit: Where do you rank POLTERGEIST among the all-time haunted house flicks?
Source: Vulture



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