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Michael Caine & Ray Winstone do apocalyptic sci-fi Shakespeare in Henry5

11.02.2010by: Jake Dee

Oh those cheeky Brits...

So what's a winning way to update the antiquated lingo of Bill Shakespeare...shoot that shite into the cosmos, that's what!

According to The Playlist (via Production Weekly), a slew of heralded European actors - including Michael Caine (right), Ray Winstone, Derek Jacobi, and Gerard Depardieu - (uh, Vinnie Jones is present as well) are attached to play in an apocalyptic sci-fi riff on Shakespeare's Henry the V. The film's title? Why, HENRY5 of course.

Now, there's no telling how many of the esteemed actors (and Jones) will be retained. Yes their names are attached to the muddled promo sales Darclight Films tries to hock the project at AFM, but when all is said and done...there's just no telling.

What can we tell you? A synopsis from the Official Site:

To be directed by Michael Anderson, HENRY5 picks up:

In an age of apocalypse, in a land without a leader, a dissolute prince finds redemption when he crushes a rebellion that threatens to destroy his father’s kingdom. But upon assuming the throne himself, he immediately engineers a war against a neighboring state to slake his lust for power. Despite his enemy possessing weaponry rendering their forces almost invincible, the newly crowned king seizes a glorious victory from the jaws of defeat by ruthlessness and cunning. But for all his wiles there’s one thing the young monarch has overlooked. Just as he’s prepared to do whatever it takes to ensure victory, so is his enemy…

Now I wanna see all four of those fine actors (and Jones) stay committed. Wow!

Extra Tidbit: Emily Mortimer (above) stars alongside Caine in HARRY BROWN.



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4:04PM on 11/03/2010
This. Sounds. Awesome.
This. Sounds. Awesome.
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12:21AM on 11/03/2010

Sounds super

If all goes well, I am definitely paying to see this.
If all goes well, I am definitely paying to see this.
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