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Michael Dougherty's Krampus treats us to a new trailer and photos!

09.08.2015by: Eric Walkuski


Here's an early Xmas present for you, kiddies: an international trailer for Michael Dougherty's long-awaited follow-up to TRICK 'R TREAT: KRAMPUS, about a sinister anti-Santa who causes mayhem for one unlucky family during the holidays. And you thought your drunk uncle was a nuisance! Unfortunately there are no subtitles available, but you don't really need them. Besides, I'm certain an English-language trailer is on the way soon.

We've also got some images from the film to share; check them all out below!


young Max (Emjay Anthony) has reached the precarious age where he clings to the idea of Santa, even though the rest of the world doesn’t believe in him. The Christmas spirit really takes a hit when the boy sees how his dysfunctional family — including Adam Scott, Toni Collette, David Koechner and Allison Tolman — behaves when they come together for yuletide cheer, and Max is pretty much done with the whole thing.

Suddenly a blizzard and blackout hit their surroundings, meaning the horned-and-hooved Krampus and his sinister helpers are coming to town instead of the man with the bag.

KRAMPUS opens December 4th.





Extra Tidbit: How is KRAMPUS looking to you?



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