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Michael Fassbender talks about Ridley Scott's Prometheus again; New set shot

06.03.2011by: Jared Pacheco
Well folks time to get excited because I'm about to give you all another big PROMETHEUS update! Actually.. I'm not. Today's update is anything but big. It's more of a tiny little update I'm tossing your way because it's a slow news day. So there.

First up we've got Michael Fassbender talking about PROMETHEUS, yet again. It seems everytime this guy talks about the film it makes news.. and he always says the same thing! This time it's an interview Fassbender (right) did with Metro about X-MEN: FIRST CLASS, though the topic quickly changed to PROMETHEUS. When asked if the film is a straight up prequel to ALIEN Fassbender responded:

"Hmm, shall I cause controversy? Um, no. The thing is, itís not a prequel. It definitely is separate. It is a separate story, but there are threads that connect the stories."

Pretty straight forward if you ask me. So why does this question continue to be asked? According to everyone involved with the project PROMETHEUS is not a prequel to ALIEN. So let's get over it people. If it is indeed a hoax then won't we be pleasantly surprised once PROMETHEUS hits theaters? So let's just let it go.

In other PROMETHEUS news a very uneventful shot from the set popped up over at Alien Prequel News. All we get is a fenced in area with some cargo containers. Exciting right? Scroll down directly below to check that shite out.

Along with Fassbender the Ridley Scott film also stars Noomi Rapace, Charlize Theron (below), Guy Pearce, Idris Alba, Logan Marshall-Green, Rafe Spall, Sean Harris and Katie Dickie. It's set to hit theaters everywhere on June 8, 2012.

Extra Tidbit: "Lost" producer Damon Lindelof helped pen the screenplay for PROMETHEUS.



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