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Michael Madsen zombie flick Infected infects others to join!

08.20.2010by: Moises Hernandez

Remember when Jared Pacheco revealed last month how Michael Madsen would star in a little zombie flick called INFECTED? Well it seems his aura of badassery is definitely attracting a crowd. Either that or actors these days can't get enough of zombie goodness.

Variety has just gotten word that other actors are lining up to star in the film which will include Christy Carlson Romano (Mirrors 2), Tom DeNucci (Brotherhood) and William Forsythe (The Devil's Rejects) for the for Verdi-Corrente Produced film. Not a bad cast and with Madsen leading them to a victorious line of destruction against zombie hordes, you can't really complain here. 

The synopsis of the film details: "Infected" centers on a father and son who have to fight to survive against a deadly, rapidly spreading blood virus."

How about that. Even more interesting is a little detail about the film. "The pic's zombies infects family and friends who are still human, and who though they understand the atrociousness of the unnatural acts they commit, are unable to stop." This is sounding better and better. While I'm still down for the whole father/son trapped in doomed situation concept, I'm hoping there's more to it. Then again it's Michael Madsen decapitating zombie heads. The flick commences filming sometime in October with hopefully more footage to come. Kinda of a cool situation we've got here. Strike back below and let us know how you feel about the new cast. Dig it?

The newest addition to the INFECTED force: Christy Carlson Romano

Extra Tidbit: What are your favorite father/son films? Road to Perdition anyone?
Source: Variety



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