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Michael Myers toy

03.29.2007by: Omar Hussain

There a bunch of fanboys that I know who just love toys…sorry, I mean "figures." They don’t just love them, they’re rooms are littered with them, stacked all over the place. So I guess I should expect to go over to their houses and see a new edition soon, the new NECA figure of our favorite sibling slashing psychopathic killer Michael Myers. Rob Zombie (or someone else) posted pictures of the figure on the official Myspace page, and as you can tell by the pictures of the figure below, there is something sticking out of his back, and I hope to God that it isn’t some kind of a f*cking spoiler. So if it is, consider this your spoiler alert (albeit a weak ass spoiler). I guess it looks like a gun or a harpoon? Split some bullets about what you all think about the figure, and your take on just what the hell is stuck in Mike’s back.

As for the cinematic version of Michael Myers, Rob Zombie’s HALLOWEEN is due out August 31st, and you all can check out the official Myspace page to keep your appetite wet.

Source: Myspace.com



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