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Michael Rooker set to direct Pennhurst, another flick about a TV crew and ghosts

10.22.2010by: Moises Hernandez

In what appears to growing in the shadow of SESSION 9, a new film is the works from Stonebrook Entertainment. The film sounds like another SESSION 9 rip-off but then again great things sometimes happen to flicks that have similarities to previous entries. Want an example? Take a look at PARANORMAL ACTIVITY and see the resemblance to IN MEMORIAM. How much did PA bank on a wide release? Exactly.

Michael Rooker (HENRY: PORTRAIT OF A SERIAL KILLER, SLITHER) will be directing the latest entry from Stonebrook called PENNHURST, a flick about a TV show trying to record some paranormal stuff in a haunted psychiatric hospital. Hold on a sec, didn't we already write about this? Or is EPISODE 50 a completely different flick? Like I said: similarities.

So what's the film really about? Check out the synopsis and let us know what you think:

For decades, Pennhurst psychiatric hospital has been haunted by turbulent supernatural forces. When a local TV show embarks on a mission to capture this paranormal activity, they discover something completely unexpected. As restless souls from the past torment the crew members, they fear for their lives as one by one they are gruesomely murdered. In a surprising revelation, they discover something more terrifying than ghosts is responsible.

The film will star  Haylie Duff, Beverly Mitchell (SAW II), Amanda Dunn, Robb Pruitt and J. LaRose (SAW III) for a script penned by Joe Nelms and Sue Baily.

The very lovely Elizabeth Banks, SLITHER (2010)

Extra Tidbit: Whatever happened to EPISODE 50? I was diggin' that concept.



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