Mick Garris reveals five directors for anthology Nightmare Cinema!

A couple of weeks ago it was announced Mick Garris would be embarking on a new horror anthology entitled NIGHTMARE CINEMA. As we love ourselves some anthologies - and Mr. Garris - around here, the news couldn't be more welcome. And while our news editor Brennan offered up some excellent ideas for contributors to the five-story film, Garris has ignored those suggestions and unveiled the names of his collaborators.

Garris (SLEEPWALKERS), Joe Dante (GREMLINS), David Slade (30 DAYS OF NIGHT, Hannibal), Alejandro Brugues (JUAN OF THE DEAD) and Ryuhei Kitamura (MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN) will each helm a segment of NIGHTMARE CINEMA, using scripts penned by Richard Christian Matheson, Mexican author Sandra Becerril, Slade and Garris. That's a pretty damn good lineup there!

Garris' production company Nice Guy Productions (fitting name since Garris is a helluva nice guy!) will be producing NIGHTMARE CINEMA; no word yet on when it goes into production but you better believe we'll be keeping tabs on this one!

Slade on the set of Hannibal  

Extra Tidbit: Which director's segment are you most looking forward to?
Source: STYD



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