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Mick Garris to direct UFO conspiracy thriller Invasion

05.04.2012by: Eric Walkuski

Mick Garris' next project, shockingly, doesn't have Stephen King's fingerprints all over it.

The director, best known for helming adaptations of THE STAND, THE SHINING and BAG OF BONES, will next tackle INVASION, a thriller set up at L.A.-based Little Studio Films.

According to Screen Daily, INVASION is allegedly based on true events surrounding a reporter’s investigation into a possible UFO conspiracy in Washington DC.

Casting is currently underway; production kicks off later this year.

Said Little Studio Films partner Alexia Melocchi: “Its tone and style are reminiscent of Mad Men and Close Encounters Of The Third Kind but with a strong, unique female lead."

In addition to his King films, Garris is also notable for creating and producing "Masters of Horror" for Showtime, as well as its follow-up, "Fear Itself," which aired on NBC.

BAG OF BONES star Melissa George

Extra Tidbit: Mick Garris was a story editor on Steven Spielberg's anthology series "Amazing Stories" in the mid-80s.
Source: Screen Daily



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