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Mickey Rourke will not be appearing in the Expendables sequel, is instead looking to star in Seven Psychopaths

10.19.2011by: Marcey Papandrea

If you were hoping to see Mickey Rourke in some shape or form in THE EXPENDABLES 2, well I hate to disappoint you but it is not happening.

For Rourke there was little incentive to return, as apparently he appeared as a favour to Sly Stallone. Disappointing yes but what he looks to be signing on for sounds exciting and will no doubt be a much larger role, and certainly a wise career move, especially with this director and cast.

IN BURGES director Martin McDonagh is working on SEVEN PSYCHOPATHS with Colin Farrell, Christopher Walken and Sam Rockwell. Rourke is currently in negotiations to star alongside them, with a role not yet announced.

The synopsis sounds kind of familiar, but I can’t figure out why. Farrell who plays a screenwriter in Los Angeles who struggles to find the handle on his script, called Seven Psychopaths. The screenwriter gets drawn into the dognapping escapades of his friends (played by Rockwell and Walken). Once the beloved Shih Tzu owned by a psychopathic gangster goes missing, the screenwriter finds himself fueled with all the drama he needs for his screenplay, if he can stay alive long enough to write it all down.

Mickey Rourke will be seen next month in Tarsem Singh’s IMMORTALS with Henry Cavill. THE EXPENDABLES 2 is currently filming with the insane line of up stars.

Also not returning Giselle Itié, babe of THE EXPENDABLES

Extra Tidbit: Mickey Rourke portrayed the role of TOOL, a supporting role in THE EXPENDABLES.
Source: Deadline



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