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Mirrors water clip

08.08.2008by: Ammon Gilbert

Earlier this week Yahoo!Movies scored an exclusive video clip of director Alex Aja discussing a scene from his upcoming horror flick MIRRORS. A scene that includes the horror of seeing your reflection in water all over your house...

I was actually lucky enough to watch the scene in question in its full entirety (check that report HERE ) not too long ago, and gotta admit... the scene blew me away! Which makes it even cooler to watch it again with Aja's commentary on his thoughts and reasons behind the scene.

With MIRRORS hitting theater next week, I'd say summer is gonna end with a bang for horror fans... about bloody time we have a summer horror flick that delivers the goods! To check out the new clip called 'One Inch of Water,' click HERE , and get ready for MIRRORS in theaters everywhere August 15th.


MIRROS and CRANK 2 star Amy Smart!

Source: Yahoo!Movies



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