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Miss Nobody trailer

06.12.2009by: Mike Catalano

It looks like we may have ourselves one humdinger of a dark comedy that includes a pretty dope cast! The flick is called MISS NOBODY and the title character is played by the lovely Leslie Bibb (up top rockiní a shortish ďbobĒ ído). I wasnít exactly sure how a hottie like Bibb would ever be able to pull off the part of a NOBODY, but after checking out the trailer, it seems that sheís done a very fine job. Of course, you can see for yourself by clicking below and giving the preview a shot. Hereís the fairly obvious plot:

A mild-mannered secretary discovers that she has a talent for murder as she ascends the corporate ladder.

Iíve said it once and Iíll say it again: Iíve always enjoyed it when a female takes on a slasher-style role, especially when itís matched with some helpings of humor. MISS NOBODY really seems to pack a punch. And donít forget about the dope cast I previously mentioned that joins Bibb: Missi Pyle, Adam Goldberg, Kathy Baker, Brandon Routh, Keir O'Donnell, Vivica A. Fox, Paula Marshall, and Barry Bostwick. I believe the flick is looking to release some time this year.

Extra Tidbit: I didnít like what became of Leslie in MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN.
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