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Mist Gets Cast

01.26.2007by: Ammon Gilbert
The adaptation to Stephen King's THE MIST isn't wasting any time throwing a rocking cast together, as director Frank Darabont has landed Andre Braugher and Laurie Holden to join Thomas Jane in the new flick.

If you know the story well (and you should, it's a classic), then you'll know exactly who these two will play. First up Holden, who was also in Darabont's lackluster THE MAJESTIC (and recently known as the butch-cop in SILENT HILL), will be playing the lead female role in the refugee grocery store. Braugher (POSEIDEN), on the other hand, will play Jane's hotshot lawyer neighbor, who accompanies him into town, into the grocery store, and yes... into the mist.

Good casting all around, and glad to see the flick is on a fast track being made. Stick around for more updates on Stephen King's THE MIST as we hear it, and with filming to start next month in Shreveport, LA - I'm sure we'll be hearing things sooner than later.



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