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06.15.2006by: Matt Withers
Looks like Italy is going to get its own brand of the MASTERS OF HORROR. Announced in Rome, the project will feature four episodes directed by Lamberto Bava, Umberto Lenzi, Sergio Martino and Nicola Rondolino. Ironically the financing will be completely absent of local broadcast money, thus allowing the directors to work without the heavy censorship that money usually entails.

Or as Lenzi succinctly puts it: "For once we won't be slaves to the sugar-coated tastes of TV audiences".

Nice. The project is not actually connected to the orginal MASTERS OF HORROR, but obviously the idea was inspired by it. Ultimately what matters is whether or not the episodes work, and as the descriptions below show, they're certainly on the right track!

Lenzi's "Horror Baby," about a 15-year-old paraplegic girl who becomes a serial killer after viewing sex from her window.

Lamberto Bava's "Murder House," set in a musician's villa where multiple murders occur. Bava, son of the late horror maestro Mario Bava, is the helmer of Dario Argento-produced "Demons," among many other pics.

Sergio Martino's "The Corners of the Night," tale of a young woman who moves into her deceased grandmother's house where nocturnal mayhem ensues. Martino's more than 60 helming credits include recently restored Barbara Bach starrer "Screamers," a cult title set on a mad Caribbean island.

Young Italo helmer Nicola Rondolino's "Brotherhood," in which three Romanian boys abducted by a child sex ring take revenge as ghosts.

Source: Variety



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