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Money for Red State?

10.09.2009by: Jared Pacheco

I'm a huge fan of Kevin Smith's. The filmmaker is actually one of my heores in the industry. If you haven't checked out Jenna Busch's interview with the man himself, you should DO THAT NOW! You won't be disappointed if you're a fan.

Back to the topic at hand though... Obviously I'm a fan of Smith's, so it should be no surprise I've been excited for, and keeping track of RED STATE, Smith's cross into our genre. The last we heard about RED STATE was that nobody wanted to put up the dough for it and that it wouldn't be happening anytime soon. Shame. But wait...

The guys over at Den of Geek asked Smith what the deal was with RED STATE and here's his response: I got a call at 2am last night. I think weve got the money for Red State. Natch! RED STATE is a far stray for Smith and is unlike anything he's ever done. Word is the film isn't aimed at mainstream and it's pretty dark in tone... hence it's trouble scoring some funds. But alas it looks like Smith's RED STATE still has some life in it! Chances are the film won't be Smith's next but hopefully this means we'll be seeing it pretty soon. As always keep it here for updates.

Adult film star Katie Morgan starred in Smith's ZACK AND MIRI MAKE A PORNO
Extra Tidbit: Smith and his hetero-lifemate Jason Mewes had a cameo as their alter egos 'Jay and Silent Bob' in SCREAM 3.
Source: Den of Geek



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