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Monster Drive-In

03.19.2009by: Jared Pacheco

Well it's no secret that 3-D films are the new 'thing.' Actually 3-D horror films are even more of a fad nowadays. So it's no surprise today hearing that Union Entertainment have a 3-D genre flick on the way.

The news is coming in from Production Weekly and get this... the project is actually original! It comes from screenwriter Nick Creature and is called IT CAME FROM THE DRIVE-IN. Any idea what this bad boy might be about? I'm sure you can wager some guesses but let me tell you all exactly what we're looking at with IT CAME FROM THE DRIVE-IN. Here's the synopsis:

Halloween Night. 1959. A kid and a reclusive outcast inventor team up to save their town from an army of hideous creatures using a menagerie of monster-slaying inventions when they discover that a new local drive-in theater is a gateway to the other side.

Hmm. I'm wondering if they're going the JACK BROOKS way with this one and won't take themselves too seriously... let's hope so! Apparently the script has been compared to GHOSTBUSTERS and BACK TO THE FUTURE... so there's got to be some comedy in there right? Sarcasm aside this one is looking like it's got some potential! That's all we've got on IT CAME FROM THE DRIVE-IN thus far, but keep it here for updates as we hear more!

This is what happens at drive-ins. I love drive-ins.

Extra Tidbit: This'll be Nick Creature's first writing credit.
Source: Prod. Weekly



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