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07.20.2007by: Omar Hussain

About 17 years ago I was briefly obsessed with THE MONSTER SQUAD. I even tried to start my own “Squad,” but there were too many pussies in my first grade…so it failed. But it brings me great nostalgic joy to bring you the news of THE MONSTER SQUAD soundtrack being released after all these years. The score was unavailable until now and we can thank Intrada for its release.

The CD will be available in September, and here is the track listing!

01. Main Title; The Van Helsing Prologue (7:20)

02. Scary German Guy (0:19)

03. Bat in the Hold (1:35)

04. Let It Begin (0:39)

05. Lock Me Up!; Wolfman Wakes Up (1:32)

06. At Phil’s (1:11)

07. Monster Music (0:51)

08. Class Reunion (3:24)

09. Mr. Alucard; Making Plans (3:25)

10. Mummy’s Gone (0:13)

11. Phoebe Meets Frank (0:43)

12. Van Helsing’s Diary; Monsters (1:57)

13. Walking Dead Guy (1:12)

14. Scary Mask; Phil’s #1 (2:59)

15. The Old Wolfman Russe; Not Clark Kent; Twinkie Creature (2:21)

16. At the Mansion; On All Sides (3:08)

17. Phil’s #2 (1:06)

18. Recovering the Amulet (2:10)

19. Goodbye Bandaid Breath (1:42)

20. At Sean’s House; The Vampire Killed; Kill a Wolfman (7:28)

21. Creature Carnage (1:29)

22. Phoebe and the Count; The Final Vortex & Finale (9:35)

Source: Intrada



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