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04.10.2008by: Mike Catalano

Okay, friends, here's your daily dosage of camp with an extra helping of babes, bikinis, and blood! A new low-budget flick was called to our attention and after reading the title, you'll probably guess why. It's called MONSTER FROM BIKINI BEACH. Subtle, right?

Well, if you're still reading this article (wise choice) then you and I definitely have an affinity for a particular low level of the genre. Kick ass! Let's get on to the good stuff! We have a trailer posted for you below. While the monster in it looks ridiculously fake, the collection of bikini-clad ladies is indeed very real (except for maybe their boobs, but is that really a problem?). There's also plenty of blood, served up "splatter" style!

And for even more fun, you can check out the flick's website here where you'll find the "Girls of Bikini Beach" pics like the ones above and below!Cowabunga!

And as for the plot, well... shit, it's called MONSTER FROM BIKINI BEACH. What kind of in-depth synopsis would you possibly expect? There's a monster, bikinis, and a beach. Sound good?



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